Harvard University

Harvard University
president (only to 30. June) Lawrence of buzzer
kind privately
religious affiliation none
based 1636
place Cambridge, Massachusetts, the USA
student 19,731 (2004)
living students (current + former ones) approx. 270.000 (2004)
Nobelpreise 41 (2004)
persons employed approx. 10.000
jährl. Household budget 2.6 billion US-$ (2004)
trust property 25.9 billion US-$ (2005)
Campus environment urban

the Harvard University (short Harvard) is an US-American university in Cambridge, Massachusetts (east coast), who was created in the year 1636. It is thereby thoseoldest university of the United States of America.

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overview as 1636 the college, opened the institution two years later their training enterprise. The English of clergyman John Harvard from Charlestown left after its death 1638 his complete library, as well as half of his landed property to him. The college thereupon 1639 renamed after it.

1780 became the college the university. The Harvard University has own student hostels anda switching system, by which students can partly determine their courses. Besides an obligation program for the talented promotion exists. To the presidents the chemist and education politician James Bryant Conant belonged to the university.

In addition the theologians studied Increase and Cotton Mather, the philosophers William James, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau as well as the writers James Russell Lowell, Robert frost, Wallace of Stevens and T. S. Eliot in Harvard. Six US presidents studied in Harvard (college): John Adam, John Quincy Adam, Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. To the prominent German graduates the political journalist Josef Joffe belongs.

On the Harvard area is also differentMuseums and collections, among them the Fogg kind museum, the European and American painting, sculptures and pressures 18. and 19. Contains of century.

Harvards library system is that oldest in the United States. Together with attached Institut it formsthe largest universitären library complex of the world. Presently/immediately the Harvard library covers more than 14.5 million volumes, manuscripts and microfilms. Main building is the Widener LIBRARY.

To the foreign Harvard institutions for instance the mansion I Tatti belongs in Settignano (Italy),the former domicile of the art critic Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Berenson (today a university center for studies of the Renaissance). Also the international Salzburg seminar with seat in lock Leopoldskron, Salzburg, was brought 1947 by Harvard students into being.

In the Harvard stadium with more than 38,000 seats findPlays in American football instead of. The traditional sport competitor of Harvard is the University of Yale. The Harvard University belongs to the so-called. “Ivy League “like several universities in the northeast of the USA.

The university applies with a trust property of25,9 billion dollar as the richest university of the world. Their prosperity it owes to the Investmentstrategien of the Jack R. Meyer, former president and CEO of the Harvard management company (HMC).

To the university Harvard belong and. A. Faculties for spirit and natural sciences, Dental medicine, theology, Pädagogik, right and medicine. In addition institutes are attached, which offer special courses of studies for instance for Eastern Asia studies or Russia studies.


Annenberg Hall at Harvard College
Science Center at Harvard College

Am Harvard College,the oldest department of the university, one knows the conclusion of the Bachelor OF kind (B. A.) or Bachelor OF Science (B. S.) receive. Although the studentses consist in Harvard today of students of both sexes, a study mechanism originally existed only for women,the Radcliffe college. Only 1975 created Harvard the restriction of permission for female students off. The permission criteria rank among the hardest USA: Only about 10 per cent of the applicants are accepted.

In the first year the students live in the halls of the HarvardYard, a circumscribed building complex early 18. Century. In the twelve hostels of the university students second, the next to last and the last academic year live. Each house is designated after an outstanding former student or manager. Here approximately 350 livesStudent and a group of Tutoren, which in each case care for a group of students.

There are ten faculties with 160 different fields:

1 Faculty OF kind and Sciences (CHAMFER)
2 Faculty OF Medicine
3 Harvard Business School
4 Graduate SchoolOF Design
5 Harvard Divinity School
6 Harvard Graduate School OF Education
7 John F. Kennedy School OF Government
8 Harvard Law School
9 Radcliffe of institutes for Advanced Study
10 Harvard School OF publicly Health

literature (selection)

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