Hasely Crawford

Hasely Joachim Crawford (* 16. August 1950 in San Fernando) is a former athlete from Trinidad and Tobago. He is the first olympia winner of its country at all.

Crawford began only at the age of 17 years with the Leichtathletiktraining. Its international career began 1970, when it won the bronze medal at the Commonwealth plays over 100 meters. With the olympic plays 1972 in Munich Crawford running had to give up after only 20 meters because of an injury.

1975 followed Crawford of the group of trainings of the US-Amerikanrs Rob park . Crawford ran per season only in each case few running. This tactics disbursed itself: With the olympic plays 1976 in Montreal Crawford won the 100-Meter-Rennen and became thereby the first olympia winner of its country. It qualified itself also for the 200-Meter-Finale, had to call the participation off in running however because of an injury.

Crawfords last success was those bronze medal over 100 meters at the Commonwealth plays 1978. It participated itself in the olympic plays of 1980 and 1984 , did not know however both marks not qualify for the final run.

In its homeland Crawford is a national hero: It is shown and a sports stadium after it was designated on a stamp.


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