Hasmonäer is the name of a ruler sex, that after the rebellion of the Makkabäer in the year 165 v. Chr. an independent Jewish state in the region Palestine justified. In the year 63 v. Chr. the realm lost its independence after conquest by Pompeius. It existed thenhowever as Roman clientele state away. Consequently the Hasmonäerdynastie lost in the year 37 v. Chr. its power and Herodes the large one became king.

In the year 6 n. Chr. the kingdom was converted by emperors Augustus into the Roman province Judäa and lost finally his autonomy.

Thosehasmonäischen ruler:

due to the re-organization of Palestineby Pompeius in the year 64 v. Chr. only the religious office of the high priest remained to the Hasmonäern:

see also: List of the high priests of Israel in herodianischer time, list of the kings of Judäa


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