Hasso of Manteuffel

Hasso hitting a corner pool of broadcasting corporations von Manteuffel (* 14. January 1897 in potsdam, Brandenburg; † 24. September 1978 in Reith, Austria) was a German officer and politician (FDP, FVP, DP).

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before the Second World War

Hasso of Manteuffel became to 14. January 1897 in potsdam as son of Hasso and Susanne of Manteuffel born. It was used during the First World War as Hussar in the Hussar regiment 3. It was carried 1916 from the wo1 to the second lieutenant and carried with end of war both classes of the iron cross. The ride master became into the 1930er years a famous sport rider. He married to 23. June 1921 Armgard of Kleist, which niece of Ewald von Kleist, with whom it had two children. it served 1936 among other things as a tactics teacher at the armored troops school Berlin Wünsdorf.

the Second World War

with outbreak of the Second World War was of Manteuffel lieutenant colonel in the armed forces and already became before the Russia campaign battalion commander in the 7. Armored division (ghost division). In the August of the same yearly he finally transferred a regiment as a commander.

At the 1. October 1941 it was promoted to Colonel and penetrated at the end of November 1941 with the so-called. “Combat team Manteuffel” to 50 km to the outskirts of a town of Moscow forwards. For the conquest of a strategically important bridge it became to 31. December 1941 with the knight cross excellently.

Starting from July 1942 the employment took place as a brigade commander in the 7. Armored division. In the months following on it it was further at the east front used and in the winter surprisingly to the German Africa corps after Tunesien was abkommandiert to serve around there as a division commander and finally at the 1. To take May 1943 its transport to the major general against. In North Africa it fought in the Tuniskessel and got sick there so strongly that it had to be sent into the homeland back. After he had recovered, he became again 7. Armored division beordert and took over the instruction over these. The division fought still at the east front and was there very successful. From Manteuffel is to have intervened even even as a commander of tank in fights.

In February 1944 to the lieutenant general carried, the armored infantry division large Germany from Manteuffel , which was assigned at the east front also, transferred.

Of Manteuffel, in the meantime general of the armor branch (1. September 1944), became in September 1944 the commander in chief of the 5. Tank army appointed. To 16. Decembers 1944 participated seven of its divisions to the Ardennenoffensive , which became due to missing supply the miss. From Manteuffel it succeeded, despite the well led attacks of general George S. Patton to take its troops back so that these escaped the destruction.

In March 1945 became from Manteuffel to the commander in chief of the 3. Tank army appointed and should prevent a penetrating of the Red Army in the east. But its army was in addition no more able and it withdrew itself north of Berlin over the Elbe .

By negotiations with British generals it reached from Manteuffel in May 1945 that he came with his 300,000 soldiers into English instead of into Russian war shank. After he was kept imprisoned in different camps in Great Britain, he was handed over into American shank. 1947 became from Manteuffel the Kriegsgefangschaft to dismiss.

after the war

after the war was active from Manteuffel, which now in Neuss lived, in the policy. Since 1949 it belonged to the FDP . From 1953 to 1957 it was member of the German federal daily. He was first defense policy speaker of its party. After the coalition change of the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia from the CDU to a social-democratic party of Germany it left to 23. February 1956 with so-called group of Eulers the liberals and took part in the establishment of the FVP, whose deputy leader of the parliamentary group became he. As itself the FVP already to 14. March 1957 of the German party attached, went also from Manteuffel there. From it, that supported already early a German defence contribution, the idea comes to call the new armyGerman Federal Armed Forces “. 1957 became loud against it and the delegates Martin blank (DP) and Fritz Berendsen (CDU) reproaches in connection with defense contracts. The defence committee of the federal daily became thereupon as a committee of inquiry in accordance with article 45a Basic Law actively, could not confirm the reproaches however.

1959 he was accused by a court of assizes of the homicide. It had placed a soldier in the year 1944 because of cowardice before the enemy before a court-martial. This soldier had observed neither had intervened the kidnapping of two of his comrades during a nocturnal guard, but, nor this incident had announced. The court-martial decided on Exekution by shooting. To two years prison was condemned by Manteuffel. After two months it was released on Fürsprache by Federal President Theodor Heuss.

1968 it was invited to an attendance to the US military academy into west POINT , New York (the USA). Besides it visited the Pentagon when desired on invitation of the US general staff boss general William Westmoreland and the US president at that time Dwight D. Eisenhower the white house.

End of the 1960er was active of Manteuffel as a German military advisor for US war films. He deceased 1978 during a vacation trip in Austria and in Germany was bestattet.


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