Captain (officer)

rank badge of a captain at the service uniform

captain is a military rank in the German Federal Armed Forces. It is the third-lowest officer rank. At the German navy this rank is called captain second lieutenant. In the medical service of the German Federal Armed Forces are medical officer, staff pharmacists and staff veterinarian.

Soldierin this rank crews, NCOs without Portepee, can give NCOs with Portepee and second lieutenants instructions within the borders set by the superior regulation ( VorgV).

He finds frequently as a company commander use (in Switzerland and called in Austria commander of company). With the Kavallerie were there the of equal standingRank ride master. Main people are used also in staffs by federations starting from stage battalion.

Also at the Austrian police, to the Austrian federal army and at Swiss army it gives the rank captain.

Hauptmann Grad der Schweizer Armee

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