Octek Jaguar V-Mainboard with 386DX-40 CCU von Anfang of the 90's
base A ASRock K7VT4A/KT400A chip set

the motherboard (English. PC MON board, also Main board) is the central part of a computer. On it the individual construction units are such as main processor (CCU), memory, firmware, interfaces - components and card locations for extension cards installs.

The motherboard contains card locations for the processor, memory modules and extension cards such as diagram, sound and network maps as well as a Northbridge and a Southbridge, those the componentsinterconnects. It is however also possible that these components are integrated on the Main board directly („onboard “). This seems to maps with sound and network „“in the meantime frequently, with diagram maps however more rarely and with CCU and RAM only very rarely, and thenusually only with extremely small built systems or Notebooks.

Additionally one finds today differently than in former times most interfaces not on extension cards, but direct on the motherboard - OATHS or SATA for the connection of non removable disks, CD-ROM, DVD Rome andCD and/or. DVD burners, as well as USB or FireWire for the connection of external components such as drive assemblies, printers and modem, keyboard - and mouse connection. Connections for the classical parallel („ Centronics “) and serial („ RS-232 “) interfaces are less and less present and the Gameport, which come all still from of IBM Ur-PC; also the special connections for keyboard and mouse are replaced increasingly by the Vielzweck USB connections.

Some chip-corrode integrate also the functions of further former extension cards directly on the motherboard; soit gives for example chip-corrodes with integrated diagram -, sound - and/or network map, sometimes also SCSI becomes - CONTROLLER integrates.

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PC motherboards

current motherboardsin the PC sector are usually implemented in the ATX format; older formats are the baby RK format or the RK format. A special form represents the Slot CCU .

The Ablöser ATX format is to become the VTX format, by which many computer manufacturers quieter PCs promise themselves, there iton the motherboard no more exhausts will give. Two (large) exhausts, which are to provide for the necessary Luftzirkulation, are intended. One is platziert in the power pack, while the other one cools the CCU and the diagram map (this exhaust becomes at the housingfastened its and channels will lead air to the components).

All in all it will however still last some time, until the ATX format has retired. Unfortunately VTX and ATX are not compatible; therefore becomes for a new VTX computer system alsoa new motherboard in the VTX format needs (however, so long the new plate support for the maps used so far makes no new plug-in cards available).

See also: Wombat plate

example of a ATX motherboard (2002)

description of a Main board on the basis a standard ATX board from MSIthe year 2002.

ATX-Mainboard mit KT333-Chipsatz von MSI
ATX Mainboard with KT333-Chipsatz of MSI
1 CCU base

here base A and/or base 462 for AMD - CCUs such as Athlon XP, Duron and Sempron. (ZIF - Base)

2 chip set

2.1: Northbridge VIA KT333 (under radiator boxes)
2.2: Southbridge VIA VT8235

3 RAM base

into the RAM - bases come the DIMM - modules for the main memory.

4 AGP Slot

of the AGP - Slot is for the diagram map. Since 2005 gradually by PCI express one replaces, since 2006 practically no new developmentsmore for AGP.

5 PCI Slots

five 32 bit PCI - Slots for extension cards, like for example network maps, sound maps etc. Likewise from PCI express one replaces, however the market share of PCI express maps is at present (at the end of of 2005) small outside of the diagram map market still very.

For 6 CNR Slot

CNR network Riser stands and is rarely on motherboards to be found for Communication. Into this Slot for example modem maps can be put.

7 sound chip

this chip is responsible for the expenditure for sound. Here the very often used Realtek ALC650 (AC'97).

8 super I/O chip

this component haven, PS/2 is responsible - haven and hardware monitoring for UART - haven (serial interfaces), LPT -.

9 BIOS chip

in this FLASH - ROM is contained the BIOS.

10 ATX connection

connection for ATX power packs (current supply).

11 floppy connection

connection for floppy disk drives.

12 P-ATA-connections

two P-ATA - connections for ATA devices such as non removable disks or CD drive assemblies. On newer motherboards one finds - connections for non removable disks additional to S-ATA.

13 various connections

the connections for Standby - button, RESET - tracer, power LED, HDD - LED

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