one of the smallest capitals of the world: Malé - the capital of the Maldives

the head city is the seat of the agency of the sovereign of a State of (democracy: Parliament, monarchy: Residence). In addition, normally capitals and seats of the government are identical, it give exceptionsas for example in the Netherlands (capital Amsterdam, seat of the government the Hague). Frequently the capital is at the same time also the largest city and the most important economic, traffic, science, industrie and cultural center as well as mental center of a state. In addition, it gives hereExceptions, for example in Turkey: Capital is Ankara, largest city however Istanbul; in Morocco: Capital Rabat, largest city however Casablanca; or in the USA: Capital is Washington, largest city however New York. South Africa has three “capitals”: The parliament meets in Capetown, the administrative and government center is Pretoria (Tshwane), the highest judikativen mechanisms (Courts of Justice) is in Bloemfontein, largest city however is Johannesburg.

Some countries left one Plan capital establish, like z. B. Brasília or Canberra.

De a jure capital do not have the following states: Monaco, Nauru, Switzerland and Vatikanstadt. However e.g. fulfills. with Switzerland Berne this in fact (see for this: Capital question of Switzerland). With Monaco and the Vatikanstadt there is no capital due to the fact that it concerns pure city states, even if for Monaco Monte Carlo is frequently falsely called as capital. In Nauru the place becomes, at thatthe government is (thus Yaren), as unofficial capital understood. Also the capital situation is problematic in Israel, while Israel Jerusalem regards as its capital, recognizes all remaining states of the world, with exception of the USA, from Costa Rica and El Salvador, only Tel Aviv as legal capital on.

Also partial states (for example Lands of the Federal Republic in Germany and in Austria, cantons in Switzerland, Federal States in the USA) have state capitals, those for their region except the political alsothe remaining capital functions exhibit.

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smallest ones and largest capitals of the world

to the smallest capitals e.g. belong. the cities Vaduz (5,100 inhabitants), La Valletta (7,100 inhabitants), Nuku'alofa (22,400 inhabitants). The largest capitals (after continent) are Cairo (11.1 million Inhabitant), Tokyo (35.2 millions Inhabitant), Moscow (13.6 millionInhabitant), Mexico city (17.8 million Inhabitant) and Buenos Aires (14.2 million Inhabitant).

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capitals of states a partly historical, partly current list of the capitals thatindividual States of, its possible predecessor states (z. B. German federation, German Reich), the highest administrative units (Federal States, Lands of the Federal Republic, provinces) and the dependent areas.

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Subnationale Entitäten with two capitals

States of, those formerly twoCapitals had

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