Hauptwil Gottshaus

coat of arms
Wappen von Hauptwil-Gottshaus
base data
canton: Thurgau
district: Bishop cell
BFS NR.: 4486
postal code: 9213
coordinates: 47° 28 ' n. Break.
9° 17 ' o. L.
Height: 550 m and. M.
Surface: 12,5 km ²
inhabitants: 1865 (31. December 2005)
Website: www.hauptwil.ch
Karte von Hauptwil-Gottshaus

Hauptwil Gottshaus is a municipality in the district bishop cell of the canton Thurgau in Switzerland. It consists of a group of Weilern, which formed the former municipality Hauptwil, as well as the locality pc. Pelagiberg with some surrounding Weilern.

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church pc. Pelagiberg

Hauptwil Gottshaus borders on the municipalities bishop cell and Zihlschlacht Sitterdorf in the canton Thurgau as well as the pc. Galler municipalities Waldkirch, Häggenschwil and Niederbüren.

In the locality Hauptwil are present five Weiher.


inhabitant 1990
1590 2004
1824 of

that altogether 1824 inhabitants (2004) 134 inhabitants a foreign nationality have population trend.


the golf course Waldkirch of Migros partly is on Gemeindegebiet.


Hauptwil is connected for Bischoffzell by the main street Gossau -. On the same route the S5 of the rapid-transit railway pc. drives. Gallen (bishop cell hereditary ancestor) with stop at the station Hauptwil.


the five Weiher of Hauptwil were artificially put on around 1430 for the pisciculture. Later these were useful the textile industry.

The German poet Friedrich Hölderlin was active from January to April 1801 in Hauptwil as house teachers.

Hauptwil received the Thurgauer preservation of regional tradition price and 1999 the Wakker price to 1992, in which they provided by careful building codes for it, many living and trade buildings last three centuries to receive and gently to the today's conditions to adapt.

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