Household appliance

a household appliance is a machine or equipment, which is to facilitate the life at home. Among them as for example kitchen devices or major items of equipment fall such as washing machine and laundry dryer - in the retail trade this assortment is called also white commodity. Entertainment electronics such as televisions, PC or radio do not rank among it.

Outstanding features of these devices and machines is their industrielle manufacturing for a mass-market, since due to the high demand many economical devices are offered .

Household appliances are in the private surrounding field used electrical devices, which implement tasks within the range of the household. To it in particular

the toaster ranks for a long time among the household appliances cleaning

the first household appliance was the sewing machine. Their successful introduction on the market in 19. Century introduced the industrialization of the private household , at whose end today the equipment of the households with as far as possible automatically working devices stands.

Nowadays the trend goes to solutions further toward “interlaced domestic appliances”, usually over power LINE -. Thus Siemens develops serve@Home, from Miele gives it to Miele@home-Produkte and in Switzerland finds one Course Home of the V-ZUG AG. The goal is in each case to increase the increase in value during the equipment use and to create new (far) operating possibilities.

historical development of the electrical household devices

the development of the household appliances used today accompanies closely with the structure of the supply with electric current . The first to the turn 19. to 20. Century hydro-electric power plants with their electricity mains established were enough however only to the enterprise of bending and lamps. The electricity tariff which can be paid was substantial and exceeded per kilowatt-hour the hourly wages of a skilled worker clearly.

Only after the First World War the situation with the building of the first large steam power plants changed. Parallel the high-voltage transmission system was removed, with which over far distance will transfer the converted heat energy could. In the household this development meant the massive employment of the electrical iron, the first household appliance at all. About 15 years later among the national socialists the use of the radio is publicised, with the people receiver in such a way specified provides the ruling powers at that time an unusually popular instrument for the spreading of their propaganda. Those already at this time tried introduction of the electrical refrigerator fails against it initial costs for this equipment.

After the Second World War, the currency reform and the Wirtschaftswunder the power stations and electricity mains become ever more efficient with electricity tariffs sinking at the same time. At the same time urge further electrical house neck devices on the market. The electric cooker, the electrical washing machine, the dishwasher, the vacuum cleaner, the television and many further devices of the entertainment electronics are established in the private households. Ten years later still the electrical coffee machine and the deep-freeze are added , after further 15 years the microwave oven. All these devices were invented partially decades before their broad introduction on the market; their market success at present the invention was prevented again and again by the missing entrance to low-priced electric current.

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