House Meier

the house Meier, Kastellan or the Majordomus (out Latin maior - the manager, Weser and domus - the house), thus the office of the manager of the house, ranks among the offices of the medieval yard (see also: maior villae).

Was incumbent on the house Meier firstonly the administration of house and yard. With the increase of their power they became directors/conductors of the Regierungsgewalt. El entzogen del mehr del nicht del konnte del und del erblich del schließlich del wurde de Ihr Amt werden. As a representative of the king they appeared before the king court. The legal status of the house Meier was passedin the course high - and the late Middle Ages on the yard master, who took a general right of representation of the prince at its yard. Beside the Truchsess, the Seneschall, the marshal and the treasurer the house Meier was one of the highest offices to yards of the early Middle Ages. Thosemost well-known house Meier were the Karolinger beep pin the older one and Karl Martell. By power united in the hereditary office of the house Meier it was finally possible for the Karolingern to take over the rule of the Franconia realm from the Merowingern to.

The house Meier got with his family - separately from the remainingPersonal - of the kitchen an own more-usual meal, which was arranged at the “manager board”.

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