Domestic animal of the yearly

the domestic animal of the yearly is proclaimed annually since the year 1984 by the society for the preservation of old endangered domestic animal races (GO), in order to make attentive on the decrease of these culture races.

past domestic animals of the yearly

1984 Kärntner eyeglass sheep sheep
1985 - -
1986 Murnau Werdenfelser cattle
1987 Swabian Hälli pig pig
1988 Schleswiger cold blood horse
1989 forest sheep sheep
of 1990 anglers saddle pig pig
1991 Rhönschaf sheep
1992 Hinterwälder cattle cattle
1993 Thüringer forest goat goat
1994 Westfäli dead-casually, Diepholzer goose and Pommernente chicken, goose and Duck
1995 multicolored Bentheimer pig pig
1996 Schleswiger cold blood horse
1997 red cattle cattle
1998 white ones gehörnte Heidschnucke and oldGerman hat dog sheep and dog
1999 Wollschwein pig
of 2000 red valleys horse horse
2001 Bavarian land goose, Bergi Kräher, Bergi Schlotterkamm and Krüper goose and 3 chickens
2002 anglers cattle of old breed cattle
2003 house and Hofhunde (point and Pin) dogs
2004 Lautstettener horse and black bee horse and bee
2005 Bentheimer land sheep sheep
2006 German saddle pig pig

the selection of the domestic animal of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the raceor the decrease of the breeding. The society is endeavored to receive the variety of the domestic animal races.

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