Couture struck

as if Couture ( French for “elevated Schneiderei “) struck today, contrary to Prêt à more porter, those to exquisiten, custom-made creations of large mode houses is designated. This fashion is the fertile soil, made of which the mode industry wins its new ideas. It is still presented on the large fashion shows in Paris , London and Milan and has today above all the function to create for the Konfektionsbekleidung, Kosmetikartikel and accessories of the mode house an appropriate publicity. Differently than in former times struck Couture models only rarely sold.

history struck Couture

as a founder struck Couture applies the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth, which created the first large mode house in Paris 1857/58. Its extremely expensive models were acquired only by very wealthy customers. Among them, Königin Victoria and the princess of Metternich ranked empress Eugénie. Charles Worth affected also different mode creators very strongly; to his assistants for example Paul Poiret and Worth belonged was first, who its fashion of a mannequin let present.

Already 1868 organized itself the French struck Couture into the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Francaise”, from which 1911 the “Chambre Syndiale de la Couture Parisienne” became. Both represent however the global interests of the cutter handicraft. Similar organizations are the 1942 created “Incorporated Society OF London Dress of designer” and the 1960 created “Camera Nazionale dell' Alta Moda Italiana”.


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