Heartbreak Ridge

film data
of German titles: Heartbreak Ridge
original title: Heartbreak Ridge
production country: The USA
feature year: 1986
length (PAL - DVD): 130 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 18
direction: Clint Eastwood
film script: James Carabatsos, Joseph Stinson
production: Clint Eastwood, Fritz Manes
music: Lennie Niehaus, Mario van Peebles, Clint Eastwood
camera: Jack N. Green
cut: Joel Cox

Heartbreak Ridge is an US-American feature from the year 1986. The director was Clint Eastwood, the film script wrote James Carabatsos and Joseph Stinson. The main roles played Clint Eastwood and Marsha Mason.

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the NCO of US marine Tom Highway (Clint Eastwood) is to train new recruits. It uses unorthodox and partially irregular methods like a shooting under the feet of the soldiers from a AK-47, in order to accustom these to the characteristic sound of this weapon. Highway comes again and again into conflicts with major Powers, who does not have combat experience, and who this faithfully resulted in NCO Webster. Highway however could already be characterised in the Korea war, where he to as Battle the OF Heartbreak Ridge admitted battle participated.

From time to time Highway meets with its ex wife Aggie, which he wants to recover. He helps not to be pending also his soldiers, him first could and did not accept later, in difficult situations in life.

On a unnamed Karibik - island (in most film criticisms it is identified as Grenada) takes place a revolution. The unit Highways is sent like some other units to that marine to evacuate US citizens. With improvisation and selfinitiative the soldiers break the resistance of the domestic soldiers. Against the instructions of major Powers by Highways men a fortress is conquered. Powers wants thereupon Highways refusal to obey orders to punish, is prevented however by Colonel Meyers from who says to him that he is a bad officer.

The soldiers return with an airplane to the USA and as heroes are celebrated. Aggie waits on the airport for Tom.


good criticisms, it received criticisms the film as maintenance SAM was designated. Particularly Clint Eastwood and Mario van Peebles for their representations were praised.


the film for the film price OSCAR in the category best clay/tone was nominated. Lennie Niehaus won the BMI film music Award. Mario van Peebles won as best Nebendarsteller the image Award.

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