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Hedy Lamarr (* 9. November 1913 in Vienna; † 19. January 2000 in Altamonte jump, Florida; actually Hedwig EH Maria Kiesler) was a film actress. Besides it invented the frequency jump procedure together with the composer George Antheil, today inthe portable radio technology plays an important role.

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Lamarrs father Emil Kiesler was a Jewish bank manager, the nut/mother Gertrud, geb. Light joke, Pianistin.
Already inher third film one no money with Heinz resting man and Hans Moser needs had Lamarr a main role.
The Czech film Ekstase of 1933 was due to its naked scenes a scandal. But not only the zehnminütige naked scene - a bath in a lake and the following coursenaked by a forest - provided for attention, but above all a dear scene, in which their sexually excited face was to be only seen.

She married to 10. August 1933 the rich Viennese Industriellen Fritz Mandl, an prevail-addicted man, who forbade it filming. Mandl was Arms manufacturer, who made as a Jew among other things also with Nazi-German business. It fled 1937 before it to Paris and from there to London.

Filmmogul Louis B. Mayer discovered the good-looking actress and took it for MGM under contract. At the same time it changed its artist names in Hedy Lamarr, whereby it referred directly to the famous silent movie star Barbara La Marr, which at that time admits under the title The Girl, who which too beautiful was.

Hedy went into the USA and became of the Studio as a most beautiful woman of the world and as a successorby Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo praised. However Hedys schauspielerische achievements did not correspond to their blendednen appearance.

It created nevertheless by the co-operation in the strip of Algiers in the year 1938 at the side of Charles Boyer a middle sensation. Practically over night each actress copied theirHair-style (a central vertex) was brünett, and for the fashionable color of the late thirties.Joan Bennett drove the mimicry so far that she colored and for the remainder of her career kept in such a way for the strip trade of wind her so far blond hair à la for Lamarr. Was simultaneous Hedy forone Renaissance hat as Accessoir responsible for actresses. Whereby the three letters hardly describe HAT, what carried Hedy in its gloss time of everything on the head: Turbane, scarf, veil and even at Thailand in accordance with-suspecting mehrstöckige creations.

Of Louis B. Mayer wanted the largest star from Hedythe Studios make, all the same which the daily samples indicated and with it first Josef of star mountain, which with its MGM debut, entrusted, which strip I Take This Woman, direction should lead. Pleiten, pitch and breakdowns accompanied from the beginning this legendary production, over 16Months took, with which three directors alternated and were in the middle in it replaced nearly the complete play crew. At the end jokers called the film I Retake This Woman and the finished result were an attained full growth flop. Hedy besides still worked in lady OF The Tropics beside Robert Taylor also, which came finally even still rather into the rental business.

In the Studio Lamarr was considered as slowly-acting, to few ambitioniert and relatively difficult. It played occasionally good roles, but it was to be mostly seen as decorative accessories. This applies completely besondern to its largestcommercial success, the film Samson and Delilah, with the Cecil B. DeMille direction led.

Hedy often maintained it in later years, many good roles would have rejected. Thus it rejected allegedly the main roles in Casablanca and Gaslight .

Apart from some affairs the actress found stillTime to marry six times. Their married men were beside Fritz Mandl of genes Markey, Sir John blaze, Ted Stauffer, W. Howard Lee as well as Lewis J. Boles. It had three children.

In the Sechzigern became them admits by an announcement because of shoplifting, the scandal and the headlinesreminded in many of the occurrences around Winona Ryder some decades later. Its biography Exctasy and ME came out in the middle of the decade. Short time after the appearance sued Hedy the CO author for a high payment of damages sum, since it would have rotated the facts.

Beginning of the 1990er yearsused the software company Corel a retouched photo of Hedy Lamarr as packing for the diagram often commodity Corel Draw 8. Result was a complaint over five million US Dollar.

Hedy Lamarr as Erfinderin

Hedy Lamarr, itself as Gegnerin of the national socialism in 2. World warto the side of the allied ones set, developed 1942 a patented radio telecontrol for torpedoes (US patent No. 2,292,387). This was interference-proof by itself automatically changing frequencies. To the invention it had come, as it and the composer George Antheil one of its works for 16 mechanical pianos (Pianolas) to synchronize wanted. The problem solved it by means of identical punch cards in transmitters and receivers. Thus the contemporaneous frequency changes were possible. Since the US military did not take the invention of an actress and a composer seriously, the procedure was used not and brought to the inventors nonefinancial use. Only with the GSM - technology was used the development, the patent had been meanwhile run off. Lamarr made thus with the development again no money, although thereby billions were gained. Dave Hughes, a glowing Verehrer Lamarrs, and its untiring lobbying is to be owed it thatall manufacturers of radio technologies Lamarrs development finally appreciated nevertheless: The day of the inventors becomes it honours at its birthday to 9. November celebrated.

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  • each girl can be glamourös. Youmust look only quietly stand and stupidly. - Hedy Lamarr


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