Office for army weapon

the office for army weapon (HWA) was the central office for the technical development and manufacturing of weapons, ammunition and equipment of the German army.

To 8. Created November 1919 as office for weapon in the realm military Ministry under Colonel ( late lieutenant general), it received Wurtzbacher to 5. May 1922 the designation office for army weapon. Wurtzbacher was replaced from the general of the artillery Becker (1879-1940) as a boss. Its successor became a general of the artillery E. Leeb.

The office for army weapon was directly subordinated in times of peace the commander in chief of the army and since that 1. September 1939 the boss of army materiel and commander of the reserve army.


  1. of development of new weapons, devices and ammunition (development and inspection department)
  2. mass procurement of weapons, devices and ammunition (Industrielle armament)
  3. technical bases, as well as preparation and mechanism of mass production at the industry (chief engineer)
  4. acceptance of the finished weapons, devices and the ammunition

boss of the office for army weapon

  • Ludwig Wurtzbacher (lieutenant general), 1919 - 1925
  • baron von Botzheim (major general), 1926
  • Ludwig (lieutenant general), 1926 - 1930
  • Alfreds von Vollard Bockelberg (lieutenant general), 1931 - 1933
  • briefly Liese, 1. December 1933 - 28. February 1938
  • Karl Becker, 1. March 1938 - 8. April 1940
  • Emil Leeb, 16. April 1940 - 1. February 1945
  • walter Buhle, 1. February 1945 - 8. May 1945

further one instructions

the office for army weapon was reorganized repeated during the war. At the 1. July 1944 consisted it of the staff with research department and the six groups of office: Central tasks, development and inspection department, chief engineer, Industrielle armament weapons and equipment, Industrielle armament ammunition, acceptance.

Personnel strength varied between 7.000 and 195.000 coworkers (1944 compared with 1939). Of the boss of army materiel general of the infantry walter Buhle to 15. January 1945 arranged extension of the office for army weapon to the office for armed forces weapon did not come because of zuspitzenden itself situation at the fronts over beginnings outside. In the middle of April 1945 was shifted the largest part of the office for army weapon, together with its boss, to South Bavaria and by instruction of 27. April 1945 finally dissolved.

One of the most famous developments of the HWA was among other things the railway cannon “Dora “.


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