Heath herb

as a “heath herb” is also designated the broom heath (Calluna vulgaris), likewise for the family of the heath herb plants heard, however its own kind and kind forms.

Heath herb
genuine bell heath (Erica tetralix)
Department: Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta)
class: Dreifurchenpollen-Zweikeimblättrige
Subclass: Aster-similar (Asteridae)
order: Heath-herb-well-behaved (Ericales)
family: Heath herb plants (Ericaceae)
kind: Heath herb
scientific name
Blühende Glockenheide (Erica tetralix)
Flowering bell heath (Erica tetralix)
Erica bucciniiformis, blooms macro on name

heath herb (offered. Erica), also heath or Erika mentioned, is a large plant kind in the family of the heath herb plants (Ericaceae). It covers about 800 kinds of kleinblättriger, rich-flowering, evergreen bushes. Most of them originate from South Africa and belong to the endemic Kapflora, only very few come into Europe orelsewhere in Africa forwards. In Europe the Erika kinds are like the close related Calluna the typical heath plants. The European kinds carry smaller, bell-shaped blooms. Their color scale is enough from white to darkpink. The frost-hard kinds are in Central Europe very popular garden plants.

The Erika kinds coming from the cape possess frequently long, tubular blooms and are in climate zones with very mild winters and small summer humidity excellent garden plants.

Heath herbs reach rarely a stature height of more than 80 cm. An exception is the tree heath.

Colloquiallymany flatincreasing plants of the heath landscape with heath herb are designated, without they belong to the botanischen kind “heath herb”. Often these plants in other kinds in the family of the heath herb plants are to be found.

Kinds of heath herb are among other things:

  • Tree heath (Erica arborea)
  • snow heath (Erica carnea)
  • (Erica canaliculata), those with 2 m highest South African kind of heath
  • (Erica casta), likewise originating from South Africa and 45 cm highly becoming
  • crowd laughter heath (Erica of cerinthoides)
  • Dorset heath (Erica ciliaris)
  • grey bell heath (Erica cinerea)
  • magenta heath (Erica erigena)
  • Portuguese heath (Erica lusitanica)
  • genuine bell heath (Erica tetralix)
  • Cornwall heath (Erica vagans)
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