Heidi (1952)

film data
of German titles: Heidi
original title: Heidi
production country: Switzerland
feature year: 1952
length (PAL - DVD): 97 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 6
direction: Luigi Comencini
film script: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Swiss, Johanna Spyri
production: Peter Riethof, Lazar change-over switch
music: Robert Bluem
camera: Emil Berna, Peter Frischknecht
cut: Hermann Haller

Heidi is a Swiss monochrome photographic film from the year 1952. It is based freely on the novel of the same name of Johanna Spyri. Direction led Luigi Comencini, the main role played Elsbeth victory mouth.


Heidi lives lucky and contently with its grandfather the Alpöhi. Together with her friend, Geissenpeter she spends a beautiful time into that Swiss mountains.

The village minister visits the Alpöhi. He asks it to come with Heidi nevertheless into the village since the new church-bells are hung up. Since with this village celebration this work is made traditionally by the children, Heidi is to also also be thereby. In addition Heidi must go anyway soon into the village school. The Alpöhi is not at all inspired of since it cracked itself with the population of village. These accuse to him to be at a fire debt; which actually did not cause for these however. With this fire the son of the Alpöhis died, and also the nut/mother of Heidi died short time later from grief. The aunt Dete the custody for Heidi was transferred; this had left however Heidi with the Alpöhi, because she had begun a place in Frankfurt.

Finally the Alpöhi and Heidi come nevertheless to the village celebration. And so slowly a reconciliation initiates itself. But aunt Dete emerges there and kidnaps Heidi without the knowledge of the Alpöhis to Frankfurt. Dete is employed in the herrschaftlichen house Sesemann as a cook. Mr. Sesemann looks for a companion for Klara, because Klara is since their Diphtherieerkrankung.

Heidi makes friends itself with Klara and helps her to get again self-assurance. And thus Klara learns to finally run again. But also the friendship with Klara cannot calm their homesickness. And thus Heidi begins to finally sleep-change. After this comes out, Heidi may home-drive finally; not without promises that Klara in holidays follows soon.

At home again arrived, also the disputes between the Alpöhi and the village inhabitants can be finally smoothed.


  • this is the first German-language filming of Heidi.
  • 1955 were turned with the same actors a continuation under the title Heidi and Peter. In addition come a further film, Heidi and their friends from the year 1953. This stands however in no contentwise connection with the aforementioned Heidi films, but takes up freely motives from Heidi , whereby Elsbeth victory mouth and Heinrich Gretler resume their roles from the other films.
  • Theo Lingen plays the role of the servant in the house Sesemann. It embodied the servant role at this time in several films.

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