Heidi Andreasen

Heidi Andreasen (* 18. December 1985 in Tórshavn on the Färöern, at home however in Eiði) is a successful swimmer with the paralympicses. (Photo with the four medals of Sydney)

Heidi Andreasen began to train 1995 at the age of 9 years. It cannot use their legs on since birth starting from the knees downward (classification S8). In the international obstruction sport it takes today a top place.

Their first European championship participation was 1999 in Braunschweig. In the year after the EM in Sheffield followed.

She celebrated their break-through as 14jährige with the summer paralympicses 2000 in Sydney. All four medals for the Färöer (those as own nation participate) erschwamm Heidi Andreasen: Silver on the 50, 100 and 400 meters freestyle (where it set up a European record) and bronze on 100 meters of backs - all this despite a before tightened hand injury. Since then Heidi is at home a star.

With the European championships 2001 in Stockholm it won four gold medals. In the situation swimming over 200 meters it set up a new world record and improved the own European record again over 400 meters freestyle.

2002 were nominated it with the choice to the world sportsman of the yearly and reached in the category world haven person with handicaps the second place behind the Netherlands wheelchair Tennisspielerin Esther Vergeer. The award of the price to 13. May of the yearly in Monaco was transferred live in the färöischen television.

2003 returned it with five gold medals around the neck of the Canadian open to Canada - not without there a world record to have set up and it in the final to have again improved.

With the summer paralympicses 2004 Heidi Andreasen was the only Repräsentantin (by it simultaneous Fahnenträgerin) of their country. To 24. There September won it bronze over 400 meters freestyle behind Lichelle Clark (Australia) and Jessica Long (the USA), which swam a new Paralympi record. (Pdf down load)

Heidi Andreasen

in the class S8 holds valid world records the following world records on the long course:

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