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Heidi Klum (* 1. June 1973 in Bergisch Gladbach) is a German mannequin and one of the internationally most successful photo models.

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since end of the 1990er years ranks Heidi Klum among the internationally most asked Models. Their career began 1992. With the competition Model' 92, which was organized in the Late Night show by Thomas Gottschalk, became generally accepted the 19-jährige pupil against 25.000 competitor insideand with 300.000 US Dollar endowed contract won one as photo model. After insisted Abitur she did without on a training place as Modedesignerin in Duesseldorf, in order to work as model. Since 1993 Klum in New York lives.

The large international break-through succeeded to Klum 1998 with thatIllustration on the title page of the expenditure for bath fashion of the US-American magazine of sport Illustrated. In the USA this magazine reaches more than 20 million reader. The photo model, which creates it on the title page of the expenditure for bath fashion, increases thereby its market value by a multiple.

advertisement andAs well as

self marketing Klum operates advertisement for the sweet goods manufacturer Katjes, since 2005 also for the lunch chain McDonald's, the shoe manufacturer Birkenstock, the shoe shop boot king, the Parfümeriekette Douglas, for the supermarket chain SAVES for the electrical small equipment manufacturer brown.

Klum uses its international admittingness forwardseverything for the marketing of products, which carry their name. By the implementing contracting parties it is put out in each case that Klum is to have exerted influence on the applied product of the contracting parties personally in any way.

Most diverse products carry the names of the Models - examples are sweet goods, decoration,Clothes (together with that Hamburg petrol dispatch) and a perfume under the name Heidi Klum One. Unter dem Namen My Favorite Candies by Heidi Klum lanciert die deutsche Firma Katjes gemeinsam mit dem US-Distributionspartner Hillside Candy ein Fruchtgummisortiment auf dem US-amerikanischen Markt. That New Yorker Juwelier Mouawad offers a Heidi Klum collection. He has responsibility also for the organization of a new annually in each case diamond of Büstenhalters of the company Victoria's Secret, which Klum presented already several times.

In December 2004 appeared with Heidi Klum' s Body OF Knowledge: 8 Rules OF ModelBehavior (ton of Help You Take off on the Runway OF would run) their first book, which is successfully marketed since April 2005 also under the German-language title natural. CO authoress is Alexandra S. Postman, those before as a co-authoress of a book concerning plastic surgery gone into actionis; it is also talking document urine of the woman Mrs. inch.

For indignation in the Web log scene and a considerable medium echo end of the yearly 2005 the attempt of Klums manager and father Günther Klum provided to forbid to a Blogger the mention of the name Heidi Klum in the URL.Trip of the argument was a Blogeintrag, which Klums commitment as McDonald's - Testimonial brought up for discussion.

in December 2004

Klums first Fernsehshow on the US-American television station starts film and television „Bravo TV “: With „Project Runway “(project gangway) is it not only one ofeleven producers, but also host and jury - chairmen of the show: The candidates of the show fight in the mutual expulsion procedure of the jury as the best twelve beginning amateur mode designers to be selected.

Heidi Klum works occasionally also as an actress; in the US-American TV serial Chaos town center (original title spin town center) played itself it 1999 in seven consequences (the photo model Heidi Klum) as a friend of the main figure (represented of Michael J. Fox). In the film Blow Dry (sooner or later) played it a hair-style Model named jasmines.

World-wide one Attention won it by its presentation for the group drawing of the football WM 2006 to 9. December 2005 in Leipzig at the side of Reinhold Beckmann. On this evening sat approx. 320 million spectator world-wide before the screens. Because of their dress immoral after Iranian value conception their appearance becamewhile the radiant emittance on the Iranian television censors.

From January to March 2006 Heidi Klum moderated the show Germany' s NEXT top model on pro filters, whose winner Lena Gercke received a contract with an international model agency. Klum expressed the requirements in the transmission openly, thosenowadays at Models regarding weight and figure to be generally placed, and. A. also that girls, who are underweight actually after the Body measure index (BMI), to a Modelkarriere as too thick apply nevertheless. In this connection some experts forewarned due to the large public effectthe show, since girls could be driven into the anorexia nervosa.

private life

Heidi Klum was married from 1997 to 2002 with the Frisör Ric Pipino. To 4. May 2004 was born Klums first child Leni in New York town center. Father of the child is the Formel-1 - Manager Flavio Briatore. The relationship with Briatore, which existed since March 2003, ended some weeks before the birth. To 23. December 2004 got engaged Klum with the British singer seals Henry Samuel on a glacier in Whistler (Canada). The weddingfound to 10. May 2005 in Mexico instead of. To 12. September 2005 came the common son Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel in Los Angeles to the world.

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