Heike Makatsch

Heike Makatsch (* 13. August 1971 in Duesseldorf) is a German actress. The daughter of the former German ice hockey national goalkeeper Rainer Makatsch lived some years in London. At this time it was with the later bond - actor Daniel Craig associates. After thatEnd of the relationship lives it now in Berlin.

It visited the Max-Planck High School in Duesseldorf Stockum. It studied politics and sociology at the University of Duesseldorf until 1994 four terms and began teachings as a Schneiderin.

Their television career began 1993 with the music transmitter VIVA, where itand. A. the transmissions interactive and Heikes of house attendance moderated. Two years later, in August 1995, it became host of the Chartshow Bravo TV with RTL II. This position filled out it up to the summer 1996 . 1997 started the weekly „Heike on RTL IIMakatsch show “in the late program, which was set off because of bad ratios after eight consequences.

Heike Makatsch changed 1996 to the film. Their career as an actress started with Detlev Bucks man pension, for which it was distinguished with the Bavarian film price as the best Nachwuchsdarstellerin. At the same time it placed its talentas a singer with the new interpretation of Tammy Wynettes conditions By Your one under proof.

Since that time it participated in nearly 25 films and as a serious German actress was established.

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