Heiko Kleibrink

Heiko Kleibrink (* 15. March 1973 in sea shrubs) is a German dance sportsman. Together with its Partnerin Giselle Keppel it belongs to the most successful professional dancers of Germany.

Kleibrink and Keppel educate a Tanzpaar since the youth class. 1991 participated both for the first time in the youth class in a German championship. Three years later the first participation in a German professional championship followed.

1997 won Kleibrink and Keppel the dance tournament and became the youngest masters in the history of the German dance sport. Until today numerous further titles followed on national and international level.


  • eightfold German master standard
  • triple German master cure standard
  • of triple vice-world champions and vice-European champion cure standard
  • world championship and European championship finalist standard
  • 28-facher Grand Prix winner standard

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