Homeland novel

the homeland novel is a category of the trivial literature.

As style elements of the traditional homeland novel both to the seriously meant homeland novel before the end 2 is considered. World war, and for the verkitschten trivial homeland novel aiming at the mass taste:

  • the disturbance of the village orderusually by a-turn a Fremdlings, unrest into the static structure of the village brings
  • an final scene, isolated world (a village surrounded by mountains); nature plays a large role.
  • into the eternal cycle of the yearly clamped humans, well represented approximately in“The year of the Mr. “(Waggerl)
  • the göttliche creation order as firmly added temporal order (seasons; see. Gstrein, “one “- structuring of the yearly after tourism Saisonen)
  • black/white design of the characters
  • the village community as a hierarchically structured, “God-intended”, therefore constant order
  • that typicalWoman role picture - to women as inferior one
  • the Happy end: the original order is restored (admission or repudiation/failure of the stranger)

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