Heinfried Birlenbach

Heinfried Birlenbach (* 7. December 1940 in victories, local part Birlenbach) is the outstanding athlete in the winner countries Leichtathletik - scene. It was in the leotard of the sport friends victories over one decade brand name of the winner countries Leichtathletik and nearly likewise is enough a quality seal of the Kugelstosser of the German Federal Republic. It belonged to the Ausnahmekönnern, which participated equivalent three times in olympic plays: 1964 in Tokyo, 1968 in Mexico and 1972 in Munich. Calculated its last plays became the most successful 202-Zentimeter-Hünen (135 kg), that with its absolute Bestweite of 20,37 m in the ball pushing in the final drew in and in the final combat valuation the 7. Place occupied. Besides it was six times in consequence of German ball impact masters and as 46 athlete IC land fights was appointed.


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