Heinrich is a German male first name and a surname.

For the female form first names see Henrike.

Heinrich comes of the old high German and is probably the successor of the old-German name home-smells, there to Heinrich at the time in textsand documents emerges, to which home-smell disappears.

The name builds itself out „home up “ for home, house and/or „hagan “ for yard, umfriedigter place and „rîhhi “ for powerful, prince . Thus Heinrich means as much as „the gentleman in the house “, „the gentleman in the yard “, „in the Hag the dominant one “ or „the ruler over property and yard “

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Heinrich was thatName of numerous rulers, see rulers named Heinrich.

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  • Hinnerk is the title 1995 created Hamburg ones gays of city magazine
  • of poor Heinrich
  • Heiko was a label name for stylographs in the GDR.
  • Heiner: Designation of the Darmstädter inhabitants, therefore also Darmstadt becomes“Heinerstadt” mentioned. Even there there is annually the Heinerfest, a people celebration with art, Kirmes and all kinds of delicious in August. In the context of the Heinerfestes also the Iron Heiner , a Volkstriathlon takes place over the olympic distance.

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