Heinrich Anselm of Ziegler and Kliphausen

Heinrich to (h) elm of di (e) gler and Klip (p) live (* 6. January 1663 in Radmeritz; † 8. September 1696 in Liebertwolkwitz) was a German fiction writer.

The son of an owner of manor was born in the lock Radmeritz. It visited the High School in Görlitz and studied 1680 to 1684 law and literature in Frankfurt (or). Afterwards it lived on its goods. Since 1689 it was pin advice in spices.

Its most important work was the novel “asiatic Banise or the bloody nevertheless courageous Pegu in historical and with the coat of a hero and Liebesgeschicht covered truth being based” from 1689. That excitingly opened novel mixes elements of the state novel with adventurous Exotik. Unbekümmert are used also Reisebrichte and historical sources. The work was very successful despite its confusing action and became until far in 18. Century inside again presented, in a tide from novels, operas and other works varies and copied. Johann George Hamann wrote still 1721 a continuation of the novel, Friedrich Melchior Grimm dramatisierte it as “Banise a tragedy”.

works (selection)

  • “the courageous Heraclius”, 1687
  • “hero love of the writing old person of will in 16 graceful dear occurences”, 1691
  • “daily scene of the time”, 1695
  • “historical labyrinth of the time”, 1701/18
  • “asiatic Banise, or bloody nevertheless muthiges Pegu”, 1721

work and bibliography

  • Gerhard thin head: “Heinrich Anshelm of Zigler and Kliphausen”, in: Personnel bibliographies to the pressures of the baroque, Bd. 6.

Stuttgart: Hiersemann 1993, S. 4332-43.

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