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Dr. phil. Heinrich Basilius controversy yards OI (* 20. December 1925 in Anrath) is a German Dominikanerpater, theologian, a sociologist and a journalist. He is a chairman of the institute for society sciences Walberberg, justified by Eberhard Welty , in Bonn and publisher of the catholic magazine the new order.

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writings (selection)

special books

  • the divisions of the Pope. Of changing values in the monasteries. Is enough Mueller (F. A. Herbig), Munich 1988, ISBN 3-7844-2189-X
  • is to be still saved the CDU? Balance and perspective of a people's party. Munich 1999, ISBN 3-77661792-6
  • power, Moneten and moral. Aachen 2005, ISBN 3-92827267-5

publisher activity

  • the new order (magazine)
  • peace in the country. Of the right to resistance. Bastei Lübbe, Bergisch Gladbach 1983, ISBN 3-404-60099-1

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