Heinrich Bednar

Heinrich Bednar (* 30. June 1922; † 17. December 2000 in being) was a Austrian table tennis player. It twice successfully played after the connection of Austria at Germany with German championships. Later he became several times Austrian master.


something similar as Trude Pritzi successfully participated Heinrich Bednar after the connection of Austria in Germany in the German championships. It became twice German master in the double and once in the Mixed.

After the war it played again for Austria. 1947 and 1948 he reserved the third seat with the Austrian crew in each case with the world championships. Furthermore it became 1949 Austrian master in the single. Besides it won still three times the Austrian championship in the double and once in the Mixed.


its living costs earned Heinrich Bednar as an official of post office. With his Mrs. Edith it had a son (Karl, *28. March 1953)

sporty one of successes

  • Austrian championships
    • 1946 in Vienna: 2.Platz single, 2.Platz double (with Heribert Just)
    • 1947 in Vienna: 2.Platz single, 1.Platz double (with Johann hardyielded), 2.Platz Mixed (with Otti Grahsl)
    • 1948 in Innsbruck: 1.Platz double (with Otto Eckl), 3.Platz Mixed (with Otti Grahsl)
    • 1949 in Graz: 1.Platz single, 1.Platz double (with Heribert Just), 1.Platz Mixed (with Trude Pritzi)
    • 1950 in Linz: 2.Platz double (with harsh ore desire)
    • 1951 in Salzburg: 3.Platz single, 2.Platz double (with Ferdinand Schuech), 2.Platz Mixed (with Gertrude Wutzl)
    • 1952 in Vienna: 3.Platz single, 2.Platz double (with harsh ore desire), 2.Platz Mixed (with lime tree Wertl)
    • 1954 in complaint ford: 3.Platz single, 3.Platz double (with Heribert Just), 2.Platz Mixed (with lime tree Wertl)
    • 1955 in Vienna: 2.Platz single, 3.Platz double (with Wagner), 2.Platz Mixed (with lime tree Rumpler Wertl)
  • associations
    • 1.Wiener TTC
    • post office sports association (starting from 1940)
    • Austria Vienna
    • union finance
    • Mobil oil


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