Heinrich Buff

Johann Heinrich Buff (* 23. May 1805 in Rödelheim with Frankfurt/Main; † 24. December 1878 in pouring) was a German physicist and chemist.


Buff was the son of the office man Heinrich Buff and its wife Elizabeth Lamprecht. Charlotte Buff, model for the figure Lotte into Goethe's suffering the young Werthers, was the younger sister of its father. Buff studied at the universities in Goettingen and pouring. With professor Justus Liebig attained a doctorate to Buff 1827 with the work over Inigsäure and Inigharz.

Still in the same year Buff followed its doctor father to Paris. There they co-operated with Joseph Louis Gay Lussac and concerned themselves with physically - chemical problems. These studies led 1830 to Buffs Habilitation.

1834 accepted Buff a call as a lecturer in physics, machine teachings and mechanical technology to the higher vocational school (polytechnic institute) in Kassel . Four years later then the appointment than tidy professor for physics took place to the University of pouring as a successor the 1837 deceased George God-dear Schmidt. There Buff as well as Justus Liebig began to publish the annual reports on the progress of chemistry starting from 1847. Together with its colleagues Friedrich Zamminer and Hermann Kopp published Buff 1857 the text book of physical and theoretical chemistry, which for the first time proved the border areas between physics and chemistry as independent fan.

At the age of 73 years Professor died. Dr. Johann Heinrich Buff to 24. December 1878 in pouring. Its grave is in the “old cemetery”.


  • attempt of a text book of stoichiometry; Nuremberg of 1829
  • fundamentals of the chemical part of the nature teachings; Nuremberg 1832
  • short text book of inorganic chemistry; Attain 1868
  • text book of the physical mechanics; 2 Bde, Braunschweig 1971-1874
  • zus. m. Friedrich Zamminer and. Hermann Kopp, text book of physical and theoretical chemistry; Braunschweig 1857; 2. Aufl. 1863

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