Heinrich Göppert

Johann Heinrich Robert Göppert (* 25. July 1800 in Sprottau, Niederschlesien; † 18. May 1884 in Breslau) was a German Botaniker, paleontologist and a university professor

Göppert made first in Sprottau and Neisse teachings as a pharmacist before it starting from 1821 at the Universities of Breslau and Berlin medicine studied. 1826 it established as a physician in Breslau, habilitierte themselves in the following year in the subjects medicine and Botanik and 1831 as the professor for Botanik and curator at the Botani garden as well as teachers at the surgical institute as Breslau to appoint.

1839 he became a tidy professor for the Botanik and 1852 director of the Botani garden.

Of Göpperts numerous scientific. Work concerns itself many with the life features of the plants, in particular with the life of the trees. Its largest merit/service is appropriate however on the area of the Paläobotanik, to their most important representative Göppert in 19. Century counted.


  • over the heat development in the plants, their freezing and the protective agents against the same (1830)
  • the fern herbs (1836), fossil over heat development in
  • the living plant (1832)
  • , De floribus in statue fossili (1837)
  • De coniferarum structura anatomica (1841)
  • the kinds of the fossil plants, compared to those the Jetztzeit (1841-42)
  • observations over the so-called over boiling of the fir sticks (1842)
  • the amber and the Pflanzenreste of the Vorwelt (with George Karl Berendt , 1845), in it
  • , papers over the emergence of the Steinkohlenlager from plants (1848)
  • paper over the condition of the fossil Flora in different hard coal deposits and the same district (1849)
  • Monographie of the fossil Koniferen, compared to those the Jetztwelt (1850, with 58 boards)
  • contributions to the Tertiärflora Schlesiens (1852)
  • the Tertiärflora of the formation (1864-65), by-mixed by
  • Schossnitz in Schlesien (1855) the Tertiärflora on
  • the island Java (1855) over the fossil Flora of the silurischen, the DEVO niches and
  • untern the coal formation (1860) the fossil Flora
  • , over Aphyllostachys, a new fossil plant kind, as well as over the relationship of the fossil Flora to Darwins Transmutationstheorie (1866)
  • structure conditions of the hard coal (1867)
  • sketches for the knowledge of the jungles Schlesiens and Böhmens (1868)
  • over inscriptions and indications in living trees (1869)
  • over the scoring of the Pflanzenreichs (1869)
  • Over the inside procedures when improving the trees and bushes (1874)
  • over freezing (1883)
  • the Flora of the amber (with Anton quantity of 1883, 2 Bde.)
  • the dry rot (1885)


  • Meyers encyclopedia 1888-1889

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