Heinrich Hasselhorst

Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst (* 4. April 1825 in Frankfurt; † 7. August 1904 ebenda) was a German painter and draughtsman.

As a pupil of the Jakobs Becker and Moritz of shrink studied it since 1842 at Städel Kunstinstitut. Study stays 1852 in Paris and 1855 in Rome. 1861 it accompanied the north land expedition of George Berna and Carl Vogt as an expedition painter. The Ölgemälde of the coasts of January Mayen and Iceland, developed here , are in the historical museum Frankfurt, just like its most famous painting, the “Wäldchestag “. The 1863 report on a journey of the polar travel appeared he illustrated. Since 1860 was Heinrich Hasselhorst indication teacher at the barn. It affected a whole generation of Frankfurt painters in its training activity. Even it painted category and people scenes as well as haven advice and history pictures. Hasselhorst lies on Frankfurt main cemetery buried.


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