Heinrich Hentzi of Arthurm

Heinrich knight Hentzi of Arthurm (* 24. October 1785 in Debreczin; † 21. May 1849 in Budapest (furnace)) was a Austrian major general.

Heinrich Ritter von Hentzi,   Lithographie von Joseph Kriehuber 1849
Heinrich knight of Hentzi, Lithography of Joseph Kriehuber 1849

Hentzi of Arthurm stepped 1804 into Austrian services and was first with the technical federations, the genius corps in such a way specified. It participated in the wars of liberation in the campaigns against Napoleon and during the Hungarian rebellion by Windischgrätz 1848 the commander of the fortress furnace was appointed.

It succeeded to repel Hentzi of Arthurm of 20 conquest attempts of the insurgent ones, until then to 21. May 1849 the Hungary the walls climbed. Here it was wounded deadly and died 15 hours later. It with 5.000 men had nevertheless held the fortress against 30.000 Hungary 17 days long.

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