Heinrich II. (France)

Heinrich II. (* 31. March 1519 to Saint Germain EN Laye; † 10. July 1559), member of the dynasty Valois, was from 1547 to 1559 king of France. Its French name reads Henri II.

Heinrich II.

Born 1519 in the royal lock too Saint Germain EN Laye as a second son of Franz I. and Claude de France, became its marriage with Katharina of Medici (1519 - 1589) to 28. October 1533 arranges, when both 14 years were old.

They had together the children:

Besides he was father of the illegitimate children Diana (* June 1538, † 1619), Heinrich of Angoulême (* 1550; † 1586) and Heinrich of Saint Rémi (* 1557; † 1621).

Grabmal von Heinrich II. in der Basilika St. Denis
Tomb of Heinrich II. in the Basilika pc. Denis

to 25. July 1547 it was crowned in the cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims to the king. Its reign was by wars also Austria characterized and by the pursuit of the Protestant Huguenots. Among its pursuit measures the burn with alive body or cutting the tongue off for expressing the Protestant Glaubensbekenntnisses ranked. However the suspicion of huguenot affiliation was sufficient for life imprisonment.

Heinrich II. was inspired hunter andtook part gladly in tournaments. His Mätresse, Diana von Poitiers divided this passion. During a match to 20. June 1559 on the occasion of the celebration of the peace treaty with the Austrian having citizens attacked for many years and the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth von Valois with king Philipp II.its eye was perforated from Spain by a fragment of the broken lance count Montgomerys, who penetrated into its brain. After heavy suffering it died to 10. July 1559 and became in the Basilika pc. Denis buried. Its successor became its son Franz II.After thatDeath Heinrichs followed in France a forty-year old period of violent arguments of its sons and other throne applicant around political power.

Franz I. of Angoulême
list of the rulers of France successor
Franz II.


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