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Heinrich Rudolf Constanz summerhouse (* 18. September 1806 in Sprottau (today Szprotawa); † 1. August 1884 in Vienna) was a German writer, dramatist and a theatre leader.

Lithographie von Joseph Kriehuber 1848
Lithography of Joseph Kriehuber 1848

summerhouse is the son of a hand shoemaker. It grows up in simple conditions and comes with fourteen years 1820 on the High School into Glogau (today Glogów). During its school time he gets a free table, must these however with Nachhilfestunden pay. it changes 1825 on the somewhat more liberal High School in Schweidnitz (today Swidica).

The school it terminates with twenty years and registers 1826 at the University of resounding joke mountain for the subject theology. In the first three terms summerhouse is extremely active in its Burschenschaft, which brings in for it finally nearly two months Karzer. To the fourth term summerhouse changes to Breslau without however more on the study to concentrate.

Here in Breslau he finds entrance to a circle of young man of letters and debutiert to at the beginning of of 1829 with theatre criticisms in the Breslauer magazine the free balls. In this year it changes also its academic subject lp occupied now for litre door history. In the July of the same yearly he transfers the editorship of the again-created newspaper Aurora, which is received however still in the course of the same yearly. But Karl sound appoints it as a vocational theatre critic to the Breslauer newspaper.

Since summerhouse is somewhat irresolute in the occupation choice, it accepts in the middle of 1830 a place as a house teacher in Kottowitz . During this time it sympathizes with the ideas of the French July revolution and with the Polish rebellion. Since in the middle of 1831 is summerhouse on property Jäschkowitz actively, likewise as a house teacher.

In June 1832 summerhouse goes to Leipzig and end of the same yearly orders one it as an editor of the magazine for the elegant world. In this magazine summerhouse brings up for discussion ever more frequently its political opinion, among other things also its enthusiasm for the young Germans. In the summer 1833 it undertakes a journey together with the writer Karl Gutzkow to Italy; which in the “travelogs” to be brought up for discussion later. Since summerhouse expresses itself in this time straight in its essays ever more politically, therefore leaves classification from Dresden in the spring the Saxonian government decides 1834. With the Wortführer of the boy closes summerhouse friendship Vienna-saved Germany Ludolf, but it overrates its situation and becomes in Berlin to 26. July arrests. In September 1834 it comes to the accusation because of burschenschaftlicher activities and causing the discontent against the German federation. Only it will dismiss at the end of of April 1835 from the remand. As place of residence summerhouse Naumburg is assigned and a continuing surveillance is arranged.

1836 marry summerhouse the Frauenrechtlerin Iduna Hänel. Beside the son, who Iduna brings also into the marriage, it has a son with it likewise. In the same year summerhouse, however still anonymous, can publish in the midnight newspaper. the wedding journey leads the married couple to Strasbourg, where summerhouse for the Prussian Minister of the Interior Gustav Adolf of Rochow spies. Prussia is interested much in the Strassburger Putsch of of Louis Napoleon.

In the winter 1836/37 falls citizen of Berlin the Court of Appeal finally the judgement during the process summerhouse: seven years fortress detention. After a request for grace and a vehement Fürsprache of its promoters the punishment is shortened on 18 months. Assigned as place of the execution of sentences summerhouse on operation of the liberal of writer and condition gentleman Fürst Hermann of Pückler Muskau the lock mash-chew (Niederlausitz), where it can move completely freely and with in mash-chews living composers and writer Leopold Schefer many discussions leads and hunts dearest.

In the early summer 1839, after the dismissal from the detention, summerhouse travels with its wife to Paris. There he becomes acquainted with nearly all sizes of the French art and literature. After its return 1840 summerhouse lives to Leipzig and began again for the stage to write. In these years develop some pieces, which provide for not straight small scandals: “Rococo” is regarded prince Homburg” as immorally cried, “Struensee for a plagiarism of the tragedy of the same name of Michael Beer and to “provides as a political scandal.

Starting from 1845 it attaches contacts to different Viennese stages. During the March revolution 1848 one sees summerhouse again at the political happening: in Frankfurt he is a correspondent over the Vorparlament. As a delegate of its homeland district it remains however unsuccessful, can draw however then nevertheless with a German böhmischen mandate into the Paulskirche. There it is added Augsburger to the yard as monarchist. After the emperor choice in March 1849 it lays down its mandate however, since it regards its idea of a largeGerman state as failed.

End the same yearly summerhouse as the artistic director of the castle theatre will appoint. Over eighteen years exercises it this office, until it quits in the controversy with the director Friedrich stem in the autumn 1867. Summerhouse withdraws itself until 1869 into the private life; in this year he transfers the line of the city theatre in Leipzig kommissarisch for scarcely two years. 1872 are offered it the line of the new Viennese of city theatre. It accepts and dresses this place, in a break 1875, until 1880.

At the 1. August 1884 dies Heinrich summerhouse in Vienna.

The later actress Cornelia Haas is an illegitimate daughter of Heinrich summerhouse.


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