Heinrich cunning

Heinrich cunning (* 15. March 1915) was a German judge and from 1978 to 1983 president of the Federal Finance Court.

After conclusion of its legal training cunning began its activity in the context of the customs administration. Its judicial activity began with a delegation to the Federal Finance Court. In the year 1959 he became then a judge at the revenue court Munich. 1961 he was thus appointed the director of revenue court, the chairman of a saying body of the revenue court.

To the judge at the Federal Finance Court cunning was selected 1962. According to its earlier activity cunning became here first active in the tariff senate. 1972 appointed the president of the senate, he took over the presidency III. Senate of the Federal Finance Court. The appointments as the vice-president (1974) followed and to the president (1978) of the Federal Finance Court.

After reaching cunning stepped the age limit in the year 1983 into the retirement.

Apart from its judicial activity cunning formed itself also as a tax law scientist. Of 1964 and (to???) he taught 1987 tax law at the University of succumbing Nuremberg.


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