Heinrich scooter

Christian Heinrich scooter (HP. Roland of the high plateau, * 10. March 1839 in Berlin; † 6. September 1916 ebd.) was a German stenographer.

Heinrich scooter prepared during its carpenter teachings for the occupation of the indication teacher. In the citizen of Berlin craftsman association he learned 1859 the Kurzschrift sketched by Arends, which he improved later considerably.

To 25. November 1925 was renamed the Heinersdorfer road (1866-1925) in Berlin Prenzlauer mountain it to honours in Heinrich scooter road.

Its grave is on the cemetery of the freereligious municipality in the Pappelallee.


  • Humoristi memories from old Berlin. A journey of kurzweiliger and instructing narrations from the center of this century. 4. Aufl. Berlin: Self publishing house author, [o.J.]
  • complete training course of a simple in few hours stenography easy to learn for train, correspondence and parliamentary use. 26. Aufl. Berlin: Self publishing house of the author, 1889.


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