Heinrich Schirmbeck

Heinrich Schirmbeck (* 23. February 1915 in Recklinghausen; † 4. July 2005 in Darmstadt) was a German writer.

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Heinrich Schirmbeck, its father, a National Railroad employee, 1917 in The First World War fell, buildup in Recklinghausen . It visited the six-form high school after the elementary school starting from 1925 and starting from 1931 the upper six-form high school, at which it put 1934 down its Abitur. Already during its school time it engaged itself in groups of young people of the SPD and the realm banner. Afterthe Abitur did not become certified it a study.

From 1935 to 1937 it completed bookseller teachings in a medical technical book action in Frankfurt/Main. In this time first contributions of it appeared in different magazines. From 1937 to 1938 he was assortment assistant in Resounds to the Saale and Nuremberg. 1938 he finally became an advertising manager of the academic publishing house company Athenaion in potsdam, in the year propagandist following on it with the Ullstein publishing house in Berlin and with the “Frankfurt newspaper “, for whose feuilleton Schirmbeck supplied contributions until 1943 regularly. Inthese years fell also the beginning of the friendship with Peter Suhrkamp and Hermann Kasack. Starting from 1940 Schirmbeck was a soldier. Briefly before end of war it defected - an experience, which it processed in the narration “the escape” seriously. It went 1945 into US-American war shank,from which it became to already dismiss 1945 in September.

From 1946 to 1950 he was an editor of the feuilleton of the “Swabian newspaper “at the same time in Leutkirch in the general-outer and coworker of the “newspaper of Baden “in Freiburg in mash gau. it changed 1950 as an advertising managerthe “German newspaper and trade journal” in Stuttgart, 1951 he became an advertising manager of the “Frankfurt pictorials”. Since 1952 were Schirmbeck of free writers and broadcast author; it has more than 250 broadcast contributions from the most diverse Wissenschaftsgebieten writes.

The essays and narrations of Heinrich Schirmbeck connect literary, ethical andscientific topics equally. Its Hauptwerk “annoys you your right eye” appeared 1957 and particularly in the USA as literarily the most fastidious novel of German language since of Thomas's man “charm mountain” was celebrated.

From 1955 to 1967 he lived in Frankfurt/Main, since he was in Darmstadt on the rose height resident.

Apart from its literary activity Schirmbeck was also again politically active after the war: It engaged itself in the fifties-years against the rearmament of the Federal Republic, later against the atomic armament, atomic power plants and in the eighties-years against the NATO double resolution.

HeinrichSchirmbeck was since 1959 member of the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany, since 1962 of the German academy for language and seal in Darmstadt and since 1964 of the academy of the sciences and the literature in Mainz. Starting from 1969 it belonged to the academic advice of the Humboldt society on.

It received among other things the following honors:

Heinrich Schirmbeck died with ninety Lebensjahren to 4. July 2005 in its Wahlheimat Darmstadt.

In order to keep the work of the writer alive, a promotion and a friend circle “Heinrich Schirmbeck” were developed. Particularly writers, who made themselves earned around the German language, should beside companies and private people members become. Also a “Heinrich Schirmbeck price “is to be written out. In Wiesbaden, around which there residents publisher Immo Hilbinger, has itself 2005 from the promotion and friend circle the non-profit „Heinrich Schirmbeck society “constituted.


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      • O. Henry: Roads of the fate, Heidelberg Waibstadt 1947
    • publisher shank
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