Heinrich Steinbeck

Heinrich Steinbeck (* 2. May 1884 in Gödesdorf with Hanover, Land of the Federal Republic Lower Saxony, Germany; † 20. July 1967 in Arbon, canton Thurgau, Switzerland) was a GermanSwiss composer and conductor. In acknowledgment of its work the city Arbon appointed it its honour citizen. Gedenkstein at the Adolph of sour - Quai reminds 2 since that. May 1984 at Heinrich Steinbeck.

Its father was in Gödesdorf a Schulmeister. With seven years it received first instruction in piano and violin. As eleven-year old learned it a wind instrument, and thus a first decision for its later musical career already fell. The acquaintance of its father with a Militärkapellmeister from Hanover, which took the young Steinbeck to itself and it a thorough musician drawing assign become let, was crucial for the further working life. With 16 years it occurred Schwerin the military school of music Dömitz - . Subsequently, it studied Karl Kliebert ( 1849 - 1907 ) at the Bavarian state conservatoire in peppering castle with max of Meyer Olbersleben (1850-1927), Simon Breu (1858-1933) and Eugen Gugel (1889-1972), where he could be trained as Kapellmeister, composer and a pianist.

Its first fees earned himself he as a pianist in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland). 1909 he becomes a Kapellmeister at the Operettentheater in Karlsruhe. Besides it led also a well-known blowing orchestra. it moved to 1912 to Arbon in Switzerland and out over 40 applicants to the new director/conductor of the city music Arbon is selected there. In the further it led the orchestra association and the worker man choir Arbon, in addition, temporarily the music companies of Amriswil, novel horn, stone oh, Sulgen, Turbenthal and Uttwil.

It composed a considerable number of blowing orchestra works, which work satisfactorily and hold over decades in the repertoire of the blowing orchestras.


of works for blowing orchestra

  • 1931 fixed greeting
  • 1954 Isola Bella Ouvertüre, opus 70
  • 1956 spring in the heart Ouvertüre, opus 73
  • album sheet
  • at the Seealpsee serenade, opus 39
  • from the Biedermeier period Menuett, opus 23
  • the village king opus 34
  • the Wanderer in the mountains Ouvertüre, opus 36
  • the rock source Ouvertüre, opus 41
  • the sun island Ouvertüre, opus 72
  • edelweiss and alpine rose, opus 28
  • torch/flare dance (Tscherkessenzug), opus 33
  • free like the eagle march
  • spring at the Bodensee tome, opus 30
  • greetings from the Säntis Konzertpolka, opus 76, for 2 trumpets and blowing orchestras
  • autumn morning Fantasiestück in the Balladenton
  • young blood march
  • Kornblumen opus 25
  • regiment greeting march
  • salvo Bernina Ouvertüre, opus 80
  • Sunday in the Alpstein opus 32
  • people celebration in the south ballet scene
  • Zingaresca rhapsody, opus 53
  • 131er-Marsch


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