Heinrich of Buz

Heinrich of Buz (* 17. September 1833 in calibrate-corrode; † 8. January 1918 in Augsburg was a German technician and Industrieller.

The son of Carl von Buz visited the circle vocational school Augsburg (poly-technical school) and studied then from 1851-1853 at the Karlsruher polytechnic institute.

Its it made engineer practical courses among other things in the Elsass and in London. In the year 1857 its entrance into engine works Augsburg led by its father and Carl August realm brook took place. In the year 1864 he became a director and until 1913 was there he a general manager of engine works Augsburg Nuremberg ( MAN ONE), combined since 1898.

He was joint founder Augsburger local course and the Lech power stations as well as member of numerous supervisory boards, in addition he was prominently in Augsburger the Industrieverein active. Since 1907 it belonged to the Bavarian personnel aristocracy.

During its management numerous technical new developments were used as for example the industrielle manufacturing the first rotary printing machine, the Linde refridgerator and the diesel engine.


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