Heinrich of Hofstätter

Heinrich of Hofstätter (* 16. February 1805 in Aindling, Bavaria; † 12. May 1875 in Passau) was of 1839 -1875 bishop von Passau.

Heinrich Hofstätter was born as an only son of a wealthy buyer family. It studied law in Munich, where it followed the Corps Isaria, and 1829 attained a doctorate. Thereupon it decided to become priests. After successful theology study it became to 5. August 1833 ordiniert and already 1836 in the cathedral chapter to Munich appoint.

At the 1. July 1839 with only 34 years becameit of king Ludwig I. appointed the bishop, which it only accepted against-striving and for Zureden of the papal Nuntius.

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