Heinz Dieter Stodolkowitz

Heinz Dieter Stodolkowitz (* 20. October 1937 in Ströbel/Breslau was from 1988 to 2002 judges at the Federal High Court.

Stodolkowitz occurred 1958 the financial administration of the country Lower Saxony . Only after it it completed legal training, to whose completion it changed 1969 as Gerichtsassessor into the higher law service of Lower Saxony. 1972 he was appointed the regional court advice at the regional court Hanover. In the future Stodolkowitz was delegated as scientific coworkers to the Federal High Court and appointed following this delegation 1978 the judge at the higher regional court Celle, where he was active until 1988.

After its appointment as the judge at the Federal High Court Stodolkowitz worked first for some weeks in V. Civil court of appeal and then in II. Civil court of appeal also. 1995 know it the presidency then IX. Civil court of appeal too, to which it belonged up to its entrance into the retirement, last as deputy chairmen.


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