Heinz Haber

Heinz Haber (* 15. May 1913 in Mannheim; † 13. February 1990 in Hamburg) was a German astrophysicist.

Haber studied in Heidelberg and Berlin, where he also attained a doctorate. To the Second World War it went with who ago from brown into the USA, where it justified together with Hubertus Strughold first the space medicine and in the first Weltraumanzug cooperated. The theoretical bases for the parabola flight for the simulation of weightlessness originate likewise from its feather/spring.

It received then a call to end of the 40's on a chair of the UCLA in Los Angeles and changed after some years as Chief Science Consultant too rolls Disney.

Haber moderated the TV serial our friend the atom, which was produced when desired 1956 the US Government by Disney, in order to improve the image of the atomic energy. It wrote also the book of the same name to the series, which was illustrated with Disney pictures. Professor Habers anschauliche Darstellung des Verlaufs einer nuklearen Kettenreaktion mithilfe von Mausefallen und Tischtennisbällen wurde zu einem häufig nachgeahmten "Klassiker"

Auf einer Geschäftsreise nach Deutschland lernte er Ende der 50er-Jahre seine zweite Ehefrau Irmgard kennen und kehrte alsbald nach Europa zurück.

In the 1960er and 1970er years was active Haber for the German television and produced different popular-scientific television rows, under it Professor. Haber experimented, the mathematical cabinet, our blue planet, dies our blue planet, professor Haber reported and WHICH IS WHICH with professor Haber. He got among other things two Adolf Grimme prices (1965, 1967) and the golden camera (1965) lent. Apart from its activity as a “TV-professor” Haber published some best-sellers over 30 books, of it, and was publisher of the science magazines X-magazine and picture of the science. Besides it had with “a question, Mr. professor” a regular column in the television time writing Hörzu, in which it itself briefly (~200 words) with a special scientific question busy.

Heinz Haber has two children, dock (* 1943) and Cathleen (* 1945), from first marriage, and a third child, Mark (* 1969), from the second marriage. His first Mrs. Anneliese lives his second Mrs. Irmgard in Hamburg in Los Angeles .


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