Heinz Winkler (cook)

Heinz Winkler (* 17. July 1949 in Brixen in South Tyrol/Italy) is a German point cook and carrier of the Order of Merit.

Winkler was active after its hotel teachings in Bozen seven years in different hotels and restaurants in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. His first post as a boss de Cuisine it had from 1973-1977, in this time was it in each case in the winter season in the lock hotel Ponteresina and Kulm hotel in St.Moritz and in the summer season in the hotel bath things active. Winkler was subsequently, one year with Paul Bocuse.

From 1979 to 1981 Winkler was as successors of kind of hitting a corner funny man kitchen boss in the resident of Munich restaurant Tantris. In this time Winkler was explained 1979 by the Guide Michelin as „the cook of the yearly “and received its first Michelinstern, 1981 became it the youngest three-star cook of all times. For the kitchen in the Tantris received Winkler in addition 19.5 points in the Gault Millau.

Since 1991 Heinz Winkler owner and kitchen boss of the hotel is „residence Heinz Winkler “in Aschau in the Chiemgau in the proximity of the Chiemsees. After its cook art occasional had been smaller evaluated, the Guide Rouge of Michelin leads it since 2000 again continuously with three stars. The current evaluation in the Gault Millau are 19 points, in the VARTA he with three cook caps is honoured. The Gourmetzeitschrift „the Feinschmecker “explained it 1997 as „the cook of the yearly “, in its restaurant leader holds for Winkler the highest possible evaluation. 2001 received Winkler, which is since 1994 also Commissaire of generals of the international combination of point cooks Eurotoques, for its earnings/services around the reputation of the German catering trade abroad the Order of Merit.

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