„heroes “ is a play of George Bernhard Shaw (original: „Arm and the one “).

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the comedy hero („arm and the one “) of the Irish dramatist George Bernhard Shaw became to 14. April 1894 at the Avenue Theatre in London uraufgeführt. The German-language first performance took place 1904 in Berlin. The work was one of first large successes Shaws as a dramatist.

When after the premiere this deserter comedy the public applaudierte, a critic however a Pfui! into the hall, answered left Shaw called of the stage: „I insure the gentleman in the gallery that I him completely beipflichte, but which we can make against a whole house, which contrary opinion is? “

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the play play during the war between Bulgaria and Serbia in the year 1865. Swiss captain Bluntschli in mercenary services pulls, since its cannon gives abruptly the service, because it had received the wrong ammunition, the escape „to honour death up on the battleground “ forwards and thereby Sergius into the house of the engaged ones of its war opponent , whose father is „ a high animal “ of the enemy at the same time, comes. These and late nut/mother come to it hide him and feed him with sweets. So that it can further-flee leaves it it a uniform jacket, the captain Bluntschli however on the next day to return wants. The engaged one there, that is increasingly also for already race-triumphs himself farm servant Louka interested heroful returned and Sergius demands Bluntschli to the duel. This can calm it however with the threat of the true process of the battle and emerges in addition as if enrich, now according to rank future married man, while Sergius with the farm servant tröstet itself and thus everything ends in well-being favours.


briefly after the rearmament of Germany produced color feature hero under the direction of Franz Peter Wirth was at that time a giant success and received as honor the “German film price “1959 as “the best German feature”. The actor O. W. Fischer got the film volume in gold, the “price of the German film criticism “and the” Bambi “as a “best leading actor”.

The film script of the film followed the play of arm and the one in all courses from Shaw and by Eberhard Keindorff was written. The first performance took place to 16. December 1958 in the UFA palace, Hamburg.


the servant in Nebenrollen are to be seen to refuge groping ore and Hans Clarin.


1972 wrote Udo Jürgens the musical with the title „to hero, hero “ in 2 documents, who on Shaws piece was likewise based. It was uraufgeführt 1973 in Vienna with Paul Hubschmid in the main role of the Bluntschli. With the critics it met different resonance. The musical was brought in with the orchestra of the theatre at that Vienna also on long playing record.

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