Helena Roerich

Helena Roerich (actually Jelena Iwanowna Roerich, born Schaposchnikowa, Russian ЕленаИвановнаРерих and/or. Шапошникова; * 12. February 1879 in pc. Petersburg; † 5. October 1955 in Kalimpong, India) was a Russian authoress, who published on English.

She was a great-granddaughter of the field marshal Mikhail Kutusow and the niece of the composer Modest mash ensuring ski.

It married itself to 28. October 1901 with the Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. 1920 went it to New York for Nicholas first exhibition in the United States. It translated Helena Blavatskys book the secret teachings into the Russian.

Later it crossed to the Buddhismus . It received the writings of the Agni Yoga ( western designation to the masters of the wisdom from its mental leaders: Alive ethics) conveys.


  • Leaves OF Morya's guards I (sheets of the garden Morya I)
  • Leaves OF Morya's guards II (sheets of the garden Morya II)
  • new Era Community (community)
  • Agni Yoga (Agni Yoga)
  • Infinity I (infinity I)
  • Infinity II (infinity II)
  • Hierarchy (hierarchy)
  • Heart (heart)
  • Fiery World I (fiery world I)
  • Fiery World II (fiery world II)
  • Fiery World III (fiery world III)
  • Aum (Aum)
  • Brotherhood (brother shank I)
  • Supermundane I (brother shank II, 1. Part)
  • Supermundane II (brother shank II, 1. Part)
  • Supermundane III (brother shank II, 2. Part)
  • Supermundane IV (brother shank II, 2. Part)
  • Letters OF Helena Roerich, volume. I
  • Letters OF Helena Roerich, volume. II
  • on Eastern Crossroads (on eastern cross ways)
  • Foundations OF Buddhism (bases of the Buddhismus)
  • Agni Yoga Glossary

the German translations of these works can be downloaded under http://emrism.agni-age.net/german/1AY.htm or be ordered as book with www.spirale-verlag.de.

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