Helene German

Helene German; born rose brook; (* 9. October 1884 in Prömsel, Austria Hungary, today Poland; † 29. March 1982 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) was a Austrian - US-American Psychoanalytikerin and woman employee victory mouth Freuds. It was the first Psychoanalytikerin, which specialized in women.

German medicine and psychiatry in Vienna and Munich studied. 1912 married it the physician Felix Deutsch, continued working however. 1917 were born its son Martin, of their noticed, the conflicts due to maternity and Frausein worked on it 1918 in an analysis with Freud. It broke these off however, because it meant to be able to find no referring to a neurosis with it.

As its female assistant she was the first woman, who was concerned more intensively with „the psychology of the women “. It left its man and its son, in order to train themselves further and with Karl Abraham into analysis go into Berlin. However also this was broken off.

1935 fled the family from Germany and pulled into the USA. In Cambridge German up to their death was active as recognized Psychoanalytikerin.

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