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Helga cock man, also mentioned hen and bend Helga (* 8. September 1937 in Berlin; † 20. November 1991 ebda.), was a German Entertainerin, Kabarettistin and an actress.

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lives and career

from 1956 to 1959 visited Helga cock man the play school in Berlin down beautiful pasture. It debütierte 1959 at the Leipziger pepper mill. Starting from 1961 it was among other things active with the German television radio in Berlin. For its appearance in over 30 consequences of the series of Tele BZ it received the art price of the free German trade union federation of the GDR.

Starting from 1969 it belonged to the ensemble of the German television radio firmly . End of the 1970er years developed it with their citizens of Berlin kind and lip to the most popular Entertainerin of the GDR. Also in the broadcast it was very successful with its transmission Helgas Top (p) - Musike (of that it also 3 TV-consequences gives) with the Radiosender citizen of Berlin broadcast. As a singer she celebrated large successes with songs, which wrote its usually Angela Gentzmer as Texterin and Arndt Bause as a composer on the body (“where my money remained bare? ”, “your sweet comes now”, “U-course-Beat”, “100 times Berlin”, “Clärchens ball house” (with grumble), “Een kleenet people child”).

Particularly was she likes because of their presentations in the transmission a boiler multicolored, their numerous Sketche (for instance with Dagmar Gelbke and Inge-borrows wet) as well as not least because of her appearances in various television varying. In the role of the Erna Mischke it was together with Rolf prepares, Gerd E. Shepherd, Margot Ebert, trusted scythe and Heinz Behrens regularly in the TV-comedy-row Maxe Baumann to see.

With Inge-borrow wet led it a Arbeiterkabarett in Berlin. In addition it worked as a Synchronsprecherin. Among other things it borrowed its voice to films of the female main figure Yvonne in three oil gangs -.

1991 died cock man with 54 years at cancer of the lungs, briefly before its break-through in completely Germany, which she would probably have had with a large Silvesterrevue 1991. It on the cemetery buried in Berlin-William-rest, where she found her last peace in an inconspicuous family grave. After their death several series of articles and books concerning them appeared.

The public price golden hen assigned annually by the magazines SUPERillu and SUPER TV as well as the MDR are dedicated to her.


  • of animals people make (1988) (series)
  • of Maxe Baumann in Berlin (1986)
  • hopeless one of cases (1982)
  • caper quartet (1981)
  • Maxe Baumann: Max in Moritzhagen (1980)
  • Anna and the family ghost (1979)
  • Maxe Baumann: Surprise for max (1979)
  • on station 23 (1978)
  • Maxe Baumann: Max on journeys (1978)
  • Maxe Baumann: No holidays for max (1977)
  • noise in the multistoried building (1976)
  • Maxe Baumann: Holidays without end (1976)
  • one hour stay (1975)
  • Maria and the paragraph (1973)
  • police call 110 - the end of a moonlight travel (1972)
  • police call 110 - a little alibi (1972)
  • safe deposit breaker (1964)
  • our sand male (1958) (series; as nod-hit a corner)


  • Autobiografie: Humans, where are we only hang-guess/advise, 1993
  • Angela Gentzmer: Een kleenet people child, 1994

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