Helga contactor

Helga contactor (* 2. October 1937 in Falkenhain/Schlesien) is a German authoress.

Helga contactor is the daughter of a metal molder, those with its grandparents buildup. It lived starting from 1944 in Dresden. After the elementary school it completed gardner teachings and worked as a landscape gardener.

From 1955 to 1958 it visited the worker and farmer faculty in potsdam, from 1958 to 1962 studied it dramaturgy at the German university for film art|German university for film art in Potsdam-Babelsberg; this study locked it with a diploma. Since 1962 she at first predominantly worked as a free film script authoress for the DEFA, within the documentary film range. Starting from 1965 she worked closely together with the director Egon Günther, with which she connected also a private relationship. Contactor wrote numerous film scripts for Dokumentar - and , isolated it also led features direction. Since 1993 it holds a Professur for film script letters at the university for film and television in potsdam .

Since the seventies-years is Helga contactor also as an author of Prosawerken stepped out, in which partly own childhood and youth experiences in poetically verfremdeter form are shown. The authoress is strongly affected of the film script letter in her szenischen and dia.-logical telling way.

Helga contactor is member of the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany and the academy of the sciences and the literature in Mainz. It received and. A. the following honors: 1968 the Heinrich seize price 1. Class, 1973 the Heinrich man price of the academy of the arts of the GDR, 1974 the Theodor Fontane price, 1991 the city clerk price of the city Mainz, 1992 the Brandenburgi literary award as well as 1998 the honour gift of the German Schillerstiftung.


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  • dahlias in the sand, Berlin 2002 (together with Rainer J. Fischer)


  • Jurgita Dapkute: “Love between dream and reality”. Mountains 2000

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