Helge of cook

Niels Fabian Helge of cook (* 25. January 1870 in Stockholm, † 11. March 1924 ebenda) was a Swedish mathematician. It designed the cook curve designated after him, one the first Fraktale, when example of is enough infinitely, onno place differentiable curve.

Helge of cook was born 1870 as a son of the Swedish officer smelling ore Vogt of cook and Agathe Henriette Wrede in Stockholm. After the school it studied at the Stockholm university, which was called still Högskola (university) at that time, with Gösta noon Leffler mathematics. 1891 it published a work over the solution of differential equations, which was based partially on pre-working Henri Poincare. One year later it attained a doctorate with a work, which covered its and Poincares realizations. From 1893 on was from cook in different positions as Assitenzprofessoractively.1905 it accepted a Professur at the royal technical university in Stockholm and 1911 followed it its former Mentor noon Leffler after its chair as a professor for mathematics at the University of Stockholm. It published among other things work over the number theory and over prime numbers.Helge of cook died at the 11. March 1924 in Stockholm.

Most mathematicians are itself in the fact united that from cook a solid mathematician was, but nothing really new or innovative in its subject carried out. Its work was based by the majority on the realizations other large mathematicians. Thusowes it to its admitting heating degrees exclusively the Fraktalen designated after him, the cook curve, the cook flake derived from it and the cook island.

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