Hlavacek Harmonika
Hlavacek Harmonika

in Tschechien are diatonische accordions with Helikonbass under took Heligonka well-known.

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these instruments differ from the Steiri Harmonika only in few points.

  • In the appearance
  • the these Kant key adjustment. This is for the third row something shifted, like that as this also with most Viennese models the case is.
  • The distance of the internal row to these Kant cover is somewhat smaller.
  • The key allocation is usually without equal clay/tone at the these Kant.
  • The bass key allocation for the second key sequence corresponds to the usual allocation as with the Viennese model.


 Hlavacek Harmonika Bassteil von innen
Hlavacek Harmonika Bassteil

the Bassteil corresponds to a traditional Novak Harmonika from the inside in the structure and the execution completely. Who copied from whom, is at present unclear. In nearly all well-known instruments double Helikonstimmplatten with also today the usual dimensions is used. With a dreireihigen instrument those are usually 6 Helikonstimmplatten. With double-row instruments four doubled Helikonstimmplatten.


for the general history of the accordion see: Harmonika.

Is momentarily unknown, when the individual enterprises with the production began. (The companies Novak in complaint ford was created in the year 1874 - steirische Harmonika) safe is that it was before the end of the Austrian monarchy. Instruments from the workshop of Josef Hlaváček are most well-known In the museum of musical instruments of market new churches a Heligonka is by Josef Hlaváček on the year the 1900 is dated. to 1892 broke it a Harmonikschule for Autodidacten out (Cesko slovanska skola per samouky ku hre well dvouradovou 19-klapkovou harmoniku. Böhm. - slav. - boh. Laun, Venta 1892.)Josef Hlaváček led its enterprise first in Prague, later moved it to Louny, where itself also today still the being correct disk production of the companies Harmonika finds. At the beginning he co-operated with its brother-in-law Konstantin Stibitz, but discrepancies among them led to the fact that Konstantin Stibiz left the company and under own name in České Budějovice likewise instruments built. There were however beside these two Harmonikabauern still some different, for example J. Kebredle in Hořovice.

With the Second World War however this instrument making tradition expired nearly completely.

manufacturer today

to before short produced Delicia in Hořovice accordion. The enterprise was closed 2004. Zdeněk Koutný leads momentarily the follow-up enterprise. Jiří Koucký, is a Harmonikabauer in close proximity to Prague

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