Light dark contrast

example Goya - paintings: Strong HDK produces plastic impression

the light dark contrast (HDK) comes both with that frequently and for unbunt designated colors black, white and grey and with the multicolored colors forwards. One names the contrast, which results from the different brightness of two colors.

He finds various application possibilities in the art. Same brightness (no or small HDK) makes colors related, while a strong HDK plasticity lets there bright colors develop, strives forward and darken rather into the background withdraw.

The photographers use the light dark contrast around shade and light from each other to to separate, so that the outlines in the picture become better recognizable.

Painter, with those the HDK a special role plays e.g. is. Rem Brandt, Velazquez, Goya and Georges de la route.

With the HDK the balance of the visual perception is aimed at, it is indispensable because the HDK the eyes only clear forms mediated and implied physicalness. When black-and-white designs it forms an indispensable polarity, causes tension. The HDK plays in particular an important role with feather/spring designs up to modern forms of the design and also painting.



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